Saturday, July 28, 2012

If You're Going to San Francisco, Lock 'n' Load!

Far to the West, I feel a great disturbance in the Force:  a million voices, screaming at once, chaos, confusion, mass panic, dogs and cats living together . . . What could be happening?

Oh, I see.  The bishops' Traditional Marriage czar just got appointed Archbishop of San Francisco.  That'll put bees in a few bonnets.  Just in time for the Year of Faith, too!  What a swell coincidence!

This is why, back in 2005 when I learned whom they'd picked to succeed John Paul II, I danced around, singing, "No more Mr. Nice Pope!"  The house party's over; Mommy and Daddy have come home early.  I get the feeling this metropolitan won't be slow to initiate the long-awaited "dialogue" that Archbishop Niederauer never quite got around to.
Archbishop-Elect Salvatore Cordileone - a new Lionheart for a new Crusade against a  Very Different Infidel Indeed!
This is the equivalent of putting Father Z. in charge of the LCWR reform (not a bad idea, since it looks like the SSPX Reconciliation's going to take longer than we'd hoped).

God bless our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, and the Archbishop-Elect.  May his reign be long and yield a bountiful harvest of souls for Christ!

Oh, and by the way . . .


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