Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome and Introduction, Part 2

We'll get down to business next post, I promise.  First off, let's get to know each other.  A little bit about me.

Gemini, Year of the Rooster.
Marginally published author of horror fiction
Married, about a year and a half (it was Hallowe'en, muahaha!)
BA in English, Summa Cum Laude
Church geek

Currently Reading

Spiritual:  -The Book of Ezekiel
              -Carl Olson, Will Catholics Be "Left Behind?"

Pleasure:  -Simon Kurt Unsworth, Quiet Houses.

Any questions?

Okay.  Now about this blog.  It's not easy to say what it's going to be, as though I had some plan and thought it would actually work.  But perhaps a few words about what it's NOT:

  • It is not infallible.  I've read the Catechism, some of the Fathers, and a smattering of theology.  I lasted about a semester and a half as a Catholic Studies major at the end of the '80s.  This blog does not have an imprimatur.  I'm just offering my thoughts here.  If I come off authoritative, that's just me.
  • It is not, to use the Monty Python phrase, "the right place for an argument."  If you want a debate, go pick on an apologist.
  • It is not G-rated.  In the heat of the moment, I am not beyond employment of Anglo-Saxon.  My humor tends toward the gallows variety.  If this scandalizes you, best to find another blog to follow.  If and when I post any of my fiction, be warned that my characters sometimes use very bad language (in the novel I'm writing, they use very bad language a lot.  They manage to sin quite a bit, too).  In such cases, I'll put them below the fold, and try to give you fair warning, but no guarantees.
  • It is SOOoooooOOO NOT politically correct.  I shall employ the generic masculine wherever I deem it appropriate.  The John C. Wright Rule applies here:    "[P]olitically Correct corrections of normal English are subject to summary deletion without comment or explanation."
Again, any questions?

Right, then.  On we go!

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