Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome And Introduction: So Why Another Catholic Blog?

Objection 1:  It would seem there is no need for yet another Catholic blog, for the humble parish of St. Blog's has in the past decade grown into an Archdiocese.  Rumor has it that Amy Welborn is due for incardination later in the year.

Objection 2:  Further, many of these Catholic bloggers are far better writers, and better Catholics than I am.  Just off the top of my head, I can name Mark SheaJimmy AkinLizzie Scalia, and that Most Amiable of Traddies, Father Z.  Any of these blogs are likely on any given day to be more informative and enjoyable reads than anything I cook up.

Objection 3:  To make matters worse (or better), in the last year, The Beatles have landed, in the person of one Marc J.P. Barnes, whose Bad Catholic site is doing to the Catholic blogosphere what Mike Tyson did to the heavyweight roster when he was that age.

Objection 4:  Many, if not most of the established Catholic bloggers mentioned above are Sci-Fi geeks.  In fact, one of our finest Catholic bloggers, John C. Wright, is actually a Sci-Fi writer of some note (and my God, what command of the language!)  I, however, am not a Sci-Fi geek.  It would therefore seem that I am not well qualified to start my own Catholic blog.

On the contrary, it is written:  Woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel (1Cor. 9: 16)

Respondeo ut:

As the prophet John Lee Hooker saith:  "It's in him, and it's got to come out" (Boogie Chillun 3: 16).  I think on things.  It's what I do.  When I want to organize my thoughts, I write them out.  If I don't, they'll find a way out. And let's be honest, there are a lot worse things I could do with my time (and do anyway, but not while I'm doing this.  See, we don't drive evil out; we crowd it out.  That's the secret.  More on this later).

Reply Obj. 1:  This is not only a Catholic blog.  It's my blog.  What I'm thinking about, uncensored and unexpurgated, for anyone who cares to know.  We'll be talking about lots of things here, if you care to stay.  You might find some of it interesting.

Reply Obj. 2:  Thomas Merton wrote in Seeds of Contemplation that each of us is a unique and unrepeatable voice in the symphony of God's Love.  That sounds like a good job to have.  So I'll say unto the Lord, in the words of the prophet Shelley:  "Make me thy lyre, even as the forest is!" (Ode to the West Wind, 5: 1)  I'll try to stay on key.

Reply Obj. 3:  To be sure, the lad's good, but that inspires rather than frightens me.  He's doing exactly what I would have done at his age, if we'd had things like blogs back in 1988.  I don't have to be the best; I just have to be honest.  Funny would help, too.

Reply Obj. 4:  No, I am not a Sci-Fi geek, but I am married to one.  I therefore have constant, heavy exposure to second-hand Sci-Fi and can grok my share of the language.  I also have a beard, which should counterbalance the scales somewhat.

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