Friday, May 25, 2012

Why did the moron bring a ladder to church?

Answer:  He heard there was going to be a High Mass.  ^_^  *dodges tomatoes*

Hat-tip to Deacon Kandra, not for the joke, but for news of another High Mass (a Solemn High Mass) in New York.  The Archdiocese only ordained one new priest this year, due to an upgrade in graduation requirements. And this new ordinand's first Mass?  Let me give you a hint:  You won't find any of the music in Journeysongs.

1910?  Nope, this past Sunday!  (Photoshop wise-assery by me.)

Full disclosure:  I'm not a Traddy.  I'm actually closer to what Traddies would call a "neocon."  (For more info on Traddies, and whether it's right for you, go here.)  That said, I love the Extraordinary Form, especially when it's well done.  I love the reverence, the solemnity, the music, the incense, the Latin; in short, the sense of something Holy.

I mean, just look at the pictures!  I find it breathtaking.

Be of good cheer, ye that have sweated out heretical sermons, pedestrian liturgy, and never-ending choruses of "All Are Welcome."  The pendulum returns your way.

Oh, and stop fussing over the whole "when are they going to stand up and excommunicate all these Modernists and dissenters" thing.  There's no need for them to leave the Church.  The Church is leaving them.

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  1. I have had the pleasure of witnessing the Sacrifice of the Mass in all manner of liturgies, modern, folk, traditional music, and I would love to see a Mass in Latin in our Parish. I think our town could handle it. All during Lent we sing the Kyrie, the Sanctus, the Agnus Dei, why not go all the way? Praying one of our priests decides to give it a try. I absolutely love ALL ARE WELCOME, that song has beautiful lyrics. "here the Love of Christ can end divisions." Well I am welcome to have different tastes in Music than you. But I would love to see the whole Extraordinary form Latin Mass used in our Church just once at least in my lifetime.