Monday, June 18, 2012

Due to circumstances beyond our control . . .

I was working on a post about atheism.  The point was to distinguish between honest, well-meaning atheists who simply do not believe in God, and those Apostles of Apostasy who swear to know no rest until Faith is eliminated from the earth.

I'd planned on linking to the atheist blogger Leah Libresco as the embodiment of the honest, well-meaning type, with a few better words about how much pleasanter life might be if more unbelievers were more like her.

Well, I still wish more atheists would be like Leah Libresco.  In fact, I wish so even more than ever now, because she's CONVERTING!

So much for my post on atheism, but I don't mind in the least.  In fact, I would gladly post nothing for a month, if we could get a Dawkins into the Church, or revert a Bill Maher.

Unfortunately, their sort hasn't made it back yet.  And you know they'll see this conversion as an unforgivable  treason.  I was going to argue in the original post that those kinds of atheists are essentially trolls, looking to sow discord, just like their non-god:

Needless to say, Ms. Libresco has opened herself up for a flame-a-thon, so please, please pray for her.

And let's not have any holier-than-thou Christians turning up their noses at her, like the Prodigal Son's brother.  So what if she's still got some difficulties?  Most saints stuggled with them, too!  Don't make the good the enemy of the perfect, lest you drive souls away before they can be perfected.  We've all been shown mercy - a lot more than we'll ever deserve.  Let's show some.

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