Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tell Me You've Never Wanted To Do This

Racists and anti-racists often make a big to-do about the Constitution's counting black slaves as three-fifths of persons for purposes of calculating a state's representation in the House - as though the Constitution were somehow implying their human dignity equaled three-fifths of other people's.  Today, many people seem to think that a Christian should count as only a fraction of a citizen.  Only that part of him not explicitly religious has any place in public affairs, how he conducts himself in office, or how he votes.

Not only is this imbecility; it is an impossibility.  It is also pure evil.

For one thing, name one law that doesn't come from someone's sense of morality.  Rape and murder are against my religion.  Should I refrain, therefore, from publicly condemning such behavior and demanding it be (or remain) outlawed?  It's a sin against prudence unnecessarily to risk a child's well-being by passing a stopped school bus.  Does that make the law unconstitutional?  Since Christ said, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's" (Mt. 22: 21), should we therefore legalize tax evasion?  How then is it invalid to oppose things like infanticide and sodomy?

"But not everybody believes that!"  So what?  Nothing in the Constitution requires anything to be unanimous. Not everybody believes that rape and murder are morally wrong; obviously rapists and murderers don't.  Child-molestation, that charge you keep shouting while you hold your ears to keep from hearing anything the Church tries to tell you?  Google NAMBLA.  Clearly, therefore, we still believe in majority rule, and if the majority happens to be Christian, it must really suck to be you.

The point of the Establishment Clause was to forbid equating full citizenship with membership in a specific church.  The government has no right to compel you to believe.  But it has every right to make you behave.  That's what governments are for.  In America, how far the government is allowed to go in this pursuit is up to us, the people.  All of us, not just some secular, worldly compartment to be kept uncontaminated by faith.  To say otherwise is to tell Christians:  "You may give your soul to Jesus all you like, but your ass belongs to the state."

And that's the kind of thing that makes this guy smile:

Benito or Batman.  Your choice, America.

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